North West Visits The Zoo, Drinks First Hot Chocolate

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Visiting the zoo and drinking hot chocolate are two highlights from any childhood (and maybe even adulthood), and North West just experience both!

Kim Kardashian took the 16-month-old to the zoo on Friday (Nov. 14) with jewelry designers Lorraine Schwartz and Ofira Sandberg, who Kim captioned in a photo as the the “Best aunties ever!”

The little tot was bundled up in a Yeezus coat, gray pants, black boots and an adorable pom-pom hat as she watched the birds sing and seal lions play. Her shirt was a tad too big for the little fashionista, but that is apparently what happens “when aunt Koko dresses Nori,” mom noted. Aunt Koko as in sister Khloé Kardashian, who also posted the same pic of her niece.

After spending a busy day at the zoo, Nori was introduced to one of the greatest things life has to offer in the wintertime: hot chocolate. Yum!

Check out more cute pictures from the little lady’s trip below:


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(Photo Credit: Instagram)