Struggling Mom Given Home She Was ‘Hired’ To Clean

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Cara Simmons Prank

Here’s a heartwarming video that will definitely make you smile and possibly make you cry. Get your tissues ready!

Just in time for the holidays, Break.com is bringing back its Prank it FWD campaign, where unsuspecting people are “pranked for good.” The target of these positive pranks are always people who may be less fortunate, and deserve to be rewarded for the great things they do for others.

This prank’s target is Cara Simmons, a hardworking single mother of three who’s never had a day off because she devotes all of her time to her job and her family. She works as a housekeeper, and has been in and out of the hospital multiple times due to health issues, including exhaustion.

As the video begins, the webseries’ host, Greg Simmons, explains that Simmons thinks she is visiting a new client to prepare the home for a big party. However, when Simmons arrives, the “client” tells her the house is already clean. Instead, Simmons is told that she is needed as a taster for a number of pricey gourmet meals, including South African Tristan lobster meat and Japanese Kobe beef. Next, she’s told that two masseuses need to practice on her to prepare for the night. Afterwards, she’s told to get rid of some designer clothes or pick what she wants from a pile of clothing all in her size.

The big surprise comes at the end when she finds out that the house she is in is indeed her new home and not the client’s home.

Watch how they pull off the surprise below!

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