No More Releases Domestic Abuse Awareness Super Bowl Ad

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Besides the actual game, one of the most exciting things about watching the Super Bowl is the commercials. While some ads are sexy, some funny and others controversial, the NO MORE Organization decided to make a powerful ad.

The premise of the organization’s 60-second ad is to raise awareness about domestic violence.

The commercial begins with a woman who makes a phone call to request a pizza—except she hasn’t called a pizza company, she’s called 911. The emergency dispatcher eventually figures out that the woman on the line doesn’t really want a pizza. She wants help.

While the dialogue takes place, the camera shows a house in disarray. There’s a broken lamp, a wall cracked from a punch and framed photo of a woman removed from the wall of family photos to be placed by a trashcan.

The commercial ends with, “When it’s hard to talk, it’s up to us to listen.”

NO MORE recreated the ad from an actual call reported back in October by former police dispatcher Keith Weisinger.

“We hope this No More PSA will bring Americans together — on a day families and friends spend together — in the effort to end domestic violence and sexual assault,” No More Director Virginia Witt tells Rolling Stone.

The NFL donated both airtime and funds to produce the commercial to the ad agency Grey New York. The league has been working to fix their tarnished image after they came under fire for mishandling the domestic abuse cases involving players Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

Learn more about NO MORE here.

Watch the ad below:

(Photo Credit: No More)