Richard Sherman’s Son Could Be Born on Super Bowl Sunday

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Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has one big event happening on Sunday and another that could possibly happen: the Super Bowl and the birth of his some, respectively.

Sherman revealed the news that he is about to become a father, with his girlfriend, Ashley Moss, due over the next week or so. She is having a boy and is in Arizona for the Super Bowl. It’s possible, of course, little Sherman could make an arrival on Sunday, but the father to be is hoping his son is cooperative.

“He’s not supposed to come on Sunday. Obviously that would change some things. But I think he’s going to be a disciplined young man and stay in there until after the game. He’s going to do his father his first favor and stay in there for another week or two,” Sherman said on Thursday.

Though the NFL star hopes his little man stays put until the big game is over, he and his girlfriend are prepared if things don’t work out that way.

“I’ve thought about the possibility of him coming during the game and coming before the game and we have things in place in case that happens and we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” he revealed. “But I did not know it was a topic of national debate, honestly. I would not like to miss the birth of my first son, my first kid. Thankfully, hopefully and God willing we won’t have to cross that bridge.”

Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks will face the New England Patriots for Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday (Feb. 1) at 5 p.m.

(Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)