Barber Offers Old Man Haircut for Misbehaving Kid

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 Old Man Haircut

An Atlanta barber thinks he has the perfect remedy for kids who misbehave, and he dubs it the “old man haircut’ or the ‘Benjamin Button Special.”

The haircut is simple and free: the troubled child gets a haircut that resembles a balding adult– a shaved crown with hair remaining only on the sides– as a form of punishment.

“So you wana act grown…well now you can look grown too,” Russell Fredrick posted on the Facebook page for his A-1 Kutz barbershop in Snellville, Georgia, near Atlanta.

The post featured the before and after photos of a 10-year-old boy with the haircut. Frederick’s post has since gone viral on social media– with some praising the act and others criticizing it.

“If my kid’s grades fell, I’d do this to him, too,” said a Facebook post by Marla-Eyvette Massie.

Others like Samuel Thomas Duncan did not agree. “I’d rather punish a child at home and keep it a private matter than let someone else humiliate that child publicly,” he said.

Frederick, who is a parent of a 12-year-old son, says the haircut is rather effective. He used the same concept with his son and says he hasn’t had a problem out of him since.

The young man in the photo says he has learned his lesson. He came back a few days later to have the cut fixed.

“Welp…pic went so hard over the net @rusty_fred had to fix it today. But lil man says he’s learned his lesson and he doesn’t want them kinda problems again..,” he said with a post of the updated cut.

What do you think of the haircut? Is it a good or bad idea?