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Shuddle Is the New Uber for Kids

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For busy working parents , it can sometimes be a nightmare trying to find a way to chauffeur equally busy children back and forth to afterschool activities and appointments.

A new start up company hopes to give a solution to every super parents problem. Shuddle, which is available in the Bay Area, provides rides for children – post-booster seat age—while ensuring safety with their network of employees that have child care experience and clean backgrounds.

Shuddle founder Nick Allen first thought of the idea while working at Sidecar, where the business occasionally declined parent’s request to use the car services to get a ride for their children.

“We’re tailored to busy families who want a trusted option for getting their kids places,” says Allen, 36. “The idea is just to give everyone more time to do what they need to do.”

So what makes Shuddle the better, safer alternative to other car sharing services?

Shuddle requires a parent to book the ride by noon the day before. Once booked, they are assigned a driver who typically resides in the general neighborhood of the family. The driver, who uses a secret password to authenticate the pickup, contacts the children using the service. Parents can also track the progress of the ride on the Shuddle app.

As for the hiring process, each driver has to pass a third-party background check , DMV check and employer check as well as impress during face-to-face interviews.

While the company is still working out a few kinks, Allen is confident that Shuddle is the best choice for parents.

“Overall, I know there’s a hurdle for many people,” says Allen. “Parents have always said to their kids, ‘Don’t get in the car with strangers.’ But we think we can turn that around.”


(Photo Credit: USA Today)