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Four-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shoots Himself

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Codrick McCall Jr.

A four-year-old child from Texas fatally shot himself over the weekend after reportedly finding a loaded gun in his babysitter’s home.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Detectives, the boy, identified as Codrick McCall Jr., was not breathing when EMS crews arrived and they could not revive him.

Neither of Codrick’s parents were at the scene at the time of the incident. The child was reportedly staying overnight with a long-time friend of the family while his mother celebrated her birthday.

The babysitter sobbed and collapsed several times in front of her home after the shooting. She was eventually taken the the hospital.

“It is horrible. I can’t imagine the pain, whoever’s fault it is. The kind of guilt they are going to live with,” said Nour Chalhoub, who lives across the street.

“Somebody is at fault. It is definitely not the child,” Chalhoub added.

At least three other individuals were in the home at the time of the early-Sunday shooting. Two of those individuals were to be tested for gunshot residue.

Harris County Homicide Detectives said so far, no one has been charged with negligence or anything else, but the case is being prepared for a grand jury.