Russell Westbrook Surprises Single Mom with Car

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Russell Westbrook Gives Away Car

Giving is a little more exciting than receiving for NBA star Russell Westbrook.

After being named the NBA All-star MVP in February, the Oklahoma City Thunder player received a brand-new Kia.

Instead of keeping the car, Westbrook decided to donate it to a deserving person in need of a new car. He got in touch with Sunbeam Family Services in Oklahoma City and found someone who would be a great recipient of the gift.

The lucky person was 19-year-old Kerstin Gonzales. On Monday morning the single mother of two thought she was attending an ordinary meeting with Sunbeam Family Services when she was greeted by a special guest and given keys to the brand new car.

“Are they playing a prank on me or something?” Gonzalez said when describing her initial reaction. “When he showed me the keys, I was like ‘this is real.’ That’s when I started to cry because it’s been such a hard time.”

Gonzalez was just 14-years-old when she became pregnant with her son Matthew who is now 4-years-old. She also has a 2-year-old son Adam.

The young mother has received assistance from the family services program for some time now and has been working hard to graduate from high school this year. Meanwhile, she also works and is applying for colleges, where she wants to study forensic science.

“It’s just all the hard work that she’s done to be able to keep her family together,” Westbrook said as to why Gonzalez was the perfect person to receive the car. “When you see somebody working hard towards a goal and finding ways every day to keep everything afloat for her two boys and her family, you can’t do anything but help them out.”

Watch the tear jerking moment below!

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