Fourth Grader Saves Choking Classmate

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4th Grader Saves Choking Friend

A South Carolina fourth grader is being credited with saving his classmate’s life.

The classmates were at the lunch table when one of the students began choking on a chicken nugget.

“It was hard for me to breathe, and I couldn’t talk,” said Thomas Adkins, who had almost finished his last chicken nugget when the incident happened.

“It got stuck and then one part went down, and then I shot it back down and then I started choking,” Thomas recalled.

Luckily, Damariyon Pichardo was close by and knew exactly what to do.

“When he started choking, I got behind him,” Damariyon said , trying not to smile. “At first, I thought he was playing.”

The young hero said he had been taught the emergency tactic by his mom.

“My mom, she went to nursing school and then, like, she taught us how to do it before, and that came to mind when he started choking,” Pichardo said.

After performing the abdominal thrusts, Damariyon walked his friend to the school nurse to make sure his friend was okay.

“I was scared after I help him, because he still was kind of red,” he said.

Shortly later, things were back to normal and the students returned to class.


(Photo Credit: YouTube)