Father Blasts Parents for Social Shaming Children

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Wayman Gresham

We’ve all seen those online videos were parents publicly embarrass their children for misbehaving.  Well, a Florida father is fed up with it, and has a message to other parents.

Wayman Gresham posted a video on Facebook that at first seemed to be another video with a parent publicly shaming a child. “It’s time for me to discipline my kid the tough way! Why? I don’t play that!” he captioned the video.

But Gresham’s video had a message to everyone watching that people may not have expected. With clippers in his hand, he rants about his son misbehaving. In the middle of the video, Gresham ends his rant and instead of cutting his son’s hair–like other parents have been seen doing– he gives him a big hug, saying “there’s no way in the world I would ever embarrass my son like that.”

“Good parenting starts before he even gets to the point of being out of control,” Gresham says in the message aimed at parents who have publicly shamed their children. “Good parenting is letting your child know that you love them regardless of what they are and who they are and showing them the way by example.”

Response to the video has been mostly positive with commenters praising this dad’s message.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of the message!

(Photo Credit: YouTube)