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Son Takes on Role of Caretaker for Elderly Mom

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Son Takes Care of Mom

Michael Davis never expected the roles of parent and child to be somewhat reversed, but it is exactly what happened when his mother fell ill and he took on the role as her caretaker.

In 2007, Davis realized his mother was not in good health and did not need to live alone anymore.  Annie Davis, in her early 80s, was living by herself after the death of her husband. Neighbors began finding his mom wandering, seemingly confused. She’d also made several trips to the emergency room from numerous falls she’d taken.

The moment he knew he had to help his mother came at busy time in his own family’s life– He had just started a new job, gotten married and he and his wife had a baby on the way– but this son knew his mom needed him.

Michael says, “I never thought that I would be the [one] actually taking care of her.”

He started looking for options to bring his mom from South Carolina to Georgia, where he and his family lived.

“I had to place her in a nursing home — temporarily– although I didn’t want to do that. But, I had to do put her in a nursing home in order to get all the paper work done.”

With the help of Susan Robinson, a physician assistant at Morehouse Healthcare, Michael applied for a Georgia Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services waiver. The waiver helped his mother qualify  for a home-health aide 5 days a week, for 8 hours a day through her government health insurance coverage.

“It’s awesome. Without that (coverage), I don’t think I would have be able to have her in my home,” he says.

The son moved his mom to his Cobb County home, and things were a little awkward at first, but now everything is routine for the two. His mom often thanks him for taking care of her to which he replies, “‘Mom, you don’t have to thank me. I’m the one who should be thanking you.'”