How Supportive Parenting Leads to More Successful Children

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Mom Hugging Child

An article published by The Atlantic suggests that children raised in a more supportive parenting environment have a better chance at succeeding.

According to the article, pediatricians are trying to gently shape child-rearing styles so that kids living in poverty have a chance to succeed.

Andrew Garner, a pediatrician in Westlake, Ohio, bases this chain of events on a spate of recent studies that have shown that supportive parents breed better-off children.

While harsh parenting by itself won’t necessarily cause a child to be unsuccessful, when combined with other stressors, it might.

Studies show that children who are exposed to toxic stress fare worse over the course of their lives. Family poverty is strongly correlated with lower cognitive test scores, even when controlling for the mother’s education and other family factors. Children who are neglected have worse executive functioning, attention, processing speed, language, memory, and social skills.

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