Netflix Criticized for Excluding Lower-Paid Employees in Parental Leave Program

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Netflix is being criticized for excluding some of its employees from the company’s newly announced parental leave policy, which gives workers up to a year of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a baby.

The video streaming company made headlines ans was widely praised for being ahead of the curve when it announced its new policy earlier this month. But a series of online petitions have been posted by employees that have been excluded from the benefit program.

Netflix initially said the policy would apply to all its full-time workers. But a few days later it revealed that DVD workers would not be eligible.

At least three online petitions posted by activist groups are calling for Netflix to extend the new benefits beyond the roughly 2,000 workers in the Internet-video service that generates most of its revenue.

The protesting groups say that Netflix is unfairly favoring the higher-paid employees, including computer programmers and other technology specialists, working in its Internet video service over the lower-paid employees who sort through discs and stuff envelopes in the distribution centers that receive and send DVDs.

“Netflix is leaving workers who could benefit the most from a generous paid leave policy behind and that is offensive,” said Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of women’s rights group UltraViolet told the AP.

In a statement, Netflix said its DVD employees get bigger paychecks and better benefits than people in comparable jobs. “We are regularly reviewing policies across our business to ensure they are competitive and help us attract and keep the best employees,” the Los Gatos, California, company said in a statement.

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