Pharrell Williams Releases Children’s Book ‘Happy’

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Pharrell Happy Book

Pharrell Williams can now add published author to his long list of accomplishments.

The singer is releasing a children’s picture book based off his hit single “Happy.”

The official description of the book reads:

Pharrell Williams brings his beloved song to the youngest of readers in photographs of children across cultures celebrating what it means to be happy. All the exuberance of the song pulses from these vibrant photographs of excited, happy kids. This is a picture book full of memorable, precious childhood moments that will move readers in the same way they were moved by the song.

“Putting ‘Happy’ into a book for kids was an opportunity to give the message yet another platform,” shared Pharrell in a promotional video. “You can see there’s been a spark.”

The singer also made an announcement via Instagram with a photo of the artwork.

“Happy” is available at ReadHappyBook.com

Check out the promotional video below!

(Photo Credit: Instagram)