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11-Year-Old Boy Dies Playing Online ‘Pass-Out Challenge’

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Black Teen Online Challenge

11-year-old Davorius Gray suffered a tragic fate while playing the popular online ‘hangman’ and ‘pass-out challenge’ games and now his mother hopes that her son’s death will serve as a lesson to other parents.

Gray’s mother, Latrice Hurst, said that her son showed no prior signs of depression or harmful behavior, but that if she could go back and do it all again, she’d have paid closer attention to his social media activity.

“If I could rewind time, I would go back and heavily monitor his use of social media, YouTube and the Internet,” Latrice told WYFF4 in a statement released through her pastor. “I would just say, I don’t believe young people should be on social media and it should be limited to adults, or at the very least, with extreme adult supervision — where the parents can see everything that takes place on the sites — should be a requirement.”

Hurst’s pastor, Mark Pangel, described Davorius as “seriously one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met. He was the one that would come up to you and hug you. He was always smiling.”

The games, which involve individuals depriving themselves of air until they lose consciousness, have been circulating the internet for years. Hopefully Gray’s unfortunate death will serve as a precautionary tale to both kids and parents alike so that no more tragedies of this sort occur.

Davorius’ death is still under investigation by the police and Coroner’s Office.