11-Year-Old ‘BeeSweet Lemonade’ Founder Lands Major Whole Foods Deal

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Bee Girl Whole FoodsThe only thing more inspiring than a success story is one that’s the result of facing a fear, which is exactly what an 11-year-old girl in Austin, TX has done.

Mikaila Ulmer was stung by a bee twice when she was younger, causing her to develop a fear of them. Instead of trying to avoid bees forever, however, the little girl decided to learn everything she could about them to help her better understand how they operate. Meanwhile, little Mikaila’s Great Granny Helen sent her family a cookbook which held her special recipe for Flaxseed Lemonade. As Mikaila learned more about bees and how they effect our ecosystem, she thought “what if I make something that helps honeybees and uses my Great Granny Helen’s recipe?”, which is how her BeeSweet Lemonade was created. A portion of the profits from her lemonade sales is donated to local and international organizations that are fighting to protect and save bees, which is why BeeSweet’s slogan is “Buy a Bottle…Save a Bee.”

After successfully pitching her lemonade business on Shark Tank and landing former FUBU CEO Daymond John as a business partner (along with a $60,000 investment), Ulmer has now expanded her business nationally, securing a deal with Whole Foods that will make her lemonade available in 55 stores across the country, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Florida.

“Partnering with Mikaila made perfect sense,” said John in a statement. “She’s a great kid with a head for business and branding.”

Mikaila’s mother, D’Andra Ulmer, is very proud of her daughter as well. “I think she is a pretty hard worker,” she told NBCBLK. “I’m impressed with how she gets her homework done during her travels. She has a gift for public speaking but what makes me very proud is that she is not only a smart entrepreneur but she’s a good person and she’s kind to people. That’s more important than business.”

When Mikaila isn’t busy working as a bee ambassador or with her lemonade business, she’s speaking to crowds in order to educate people on how to save bees or participating in social entrepreneurship panels.

Photo Credit: Instagram