New York Student Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

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Augusta Ivy League

A New York teen has accomplished an impressive feat, gaining acceptance into all 8 Ivy League schools.

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, a senior at Elmont Memorial High School, has a tough decision ahead of her after applying and being accepted to the United States’ most prestigious universities. She’s the second student from Elmont to face the choice, with Harold Ekeh gaining acceptance to all eight Ivy Leagues last year.

Uwamanzu-Nna, who is also the valedictorian of her class, has described the experience as surreal. “I am humbled by all of the college acceptance letters that I recently received,” she said in a press release. “I am reminded that I have a responsibility to be a role model for others and use my experiences to encourage and inspire others, especially young women.”

She also expresses gratitude towards her parents and teachers, whom she says are the reasons behind her achievement. “My parents have always taught me the value of hard work, and I am very thankful for that,” she explained. “My teachers at Elmont Memorial have also played a major role in my development. Elmont Memorial is a very special place, where teachers start their days at 7 a.m. and leave very late in the evening. It is a school where teachers love children and are dedicated to academic achievement. My recent accomplishments reflect the hardworking ideals of the town of Elmont, my supportive parents and my dedicated teachers. I am elated, but most importantly, I am thankful.”

Uwamanzu-Nna was also accepted into the four other schools she applied for: Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

We’re seeing an extremely bright future ahead for this young woman!

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