NFL Baller Benjamin Watson Gives His Daughter a ‘Dad-Do’

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Dad Dos Benjamin Watson

Pantene released a funny and adorable campaign featuring professional athlete dads doing their young daughters hair and vice versa.

The ads were released as a way to promote fathers and daughters spending quality time together, the result being the girls becoming stronger women down the line, and Pantene came up with this genius marketing idea as a result.

“When we discovered research done by Dr. Linda Nielsen from Wake Forest University revealing that quality time spent with dads is key in raising daughters who are more self-confident, self-reliant and more successful in school and in their careers, we wanted to do something to encourage dads to do with their daughters,” P&G vice president of hair care and color Jodi Allen told Adweek. “We didn’t want to just say, ‘Spend time with your daughter.’ Pantene wanted to give them a tangible thing they could do: style their hair. We wanted to give them the tools to do it, with how-to’s and tips. So many empowerment campaigns just tell you to be empowered. Pantene wanted to show them.”

In one video, New Orlean Saints tight end Benjamin Watson does his daughter Grace’s hair and the results were pretty great. “It feels like mommy but he has bigger hands,” Grace said as her dad styled her pigtails. “It might be the hands thing that makes some of these things difficult.” joked Watson with his daughter.

Watch the full funny video below:

Also, as a bonus laugh, check out Pittsburgh Steelers player DeAngelo Williams getting made-over by his two girls below:

If you want to see more videos from these cute campaigns, check out Pantene’s Youtube channel.

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