8-Year-Old Starts Baking Company for Sweetest Reason

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Jalen bakeryWhen 8-year-old Jalen realized that he had a penchant for baking, he decided to turn the hobby into a business, with the help of his mom- and all for a reason that will warm your hearts.

Jalen’s Bakery was started by Jalen and his mom, Sharhonda Mahan, acts as his assistant. The young man bakes goodies like Cakes in a Jar, banana bread, almond or walnut snowballs, and of course cookies in a variety of flavors!

So who motivated Jalen to want to start his business? None other than his trusted assistant. “My mom is the one who inspired me to do the business,” he told ABC 30. There’s no doubt that he inherited his mom’s entrepreneurial spirit. “I’ve had side businesses since I was 18 so I felt that it was something he needed to learn,” Sharhonda said. “If he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he grows up or it’s something he wanted to do on the side.

While his mom inspired him to want to get into the business, his goal is one that they both can benefit from. “I wanted to save up a lot of money to get a house,” says Jalen. “I just want one that me and my mom can be happy in.”

Watch ABC 30’s report on Jalen and his bakery below:


If you’d like to support Jalen’s Bakery, head on over to the website for more information (and yes, they do ship orders!).

Photo Credit: Rykesha Hudson/Twitter