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Male Celebs Celebrate Children’s Book That Encourages Black Boys to ‘Be Brilliant’

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A new book praising young black males is getting backing from some pretty big Hollywood names.

I’m A Brilliant Little Black Boy! is the latest book from author Betty K. Bynum, who also wrote I’m a Pretty Little Black Girl! and I’m a Lovely Little Latina. The book was co-written by Bynum’s son Joshua B. Drummond, a 19-year-old actor, writer and hip-hop music composer, who was inspired to help with the book after noticing a lack of black cartoon characters in television.

“I would watch Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Every once in a while, there would be that one Black character within the friend group,” Drummond said in a press release. “But for my age, there was never a whole group of just boys, like cool Black kids for the cartoons in particular.”

Since its publication, celebs like Denzel Washington, Michael Ealy, Vin Diesel, Omari Hardwick, and Samuel L. Jackson have endorsed the positive book. “I’m A Brilliant Little Black Boy! is a complete and thorough study for children,” Washington said in a written statement. “Positive, constructive tools to assist with self-esteem issues, strong examples of identity…a lesson plan is achievable for success.”

To purchase I’m a Brilliant Little Black Boy and Bynum’s other works, click here.

Photo Credit: Dream I Am Official Website