10-Year-Old Grows Hair For Over 2 Years to Donate to Children with Cancer

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grew-hair-to-donate-small The kindness of children know no bounds and just one example of many is a story out of Maryland about a young man named Thomas Moore.

10-year-old Moore was inspired to grow out his hair for over 2 years so that he could cut it off and donate it to children with cancer. When he was 8-years-old, he saw his mother watching a video about 5-year old Kyssi Andrews, who battled pediatric cancer, and proceeded to ask her about what he’d seen.

“Once I explained that she had cancer, and what cancer was, and how chemo affected the body he immediately decided he wanted to grow his hair long again and give it to Kyssi,” Moore’s mother, Socue Soflien told Scary Mommy.

During the time that Thomas was growing his hair out, Kyssi sadly passed away. Thomas, even more determined to reach his goal, continued to grow his hair out until he felt it was long enough to cut.

Kyssi’s mother also shared the video about Thomas’ heartwarming donation, along with an emotional caption. “You can learn SO MUCH from children. To know that my sweet ANGEL Kyssi is still an inspiration, even in her absence from the earth makes me one PROUD mom. Her LEGACY lives….#TeamKyssi”

According to Scary Mommy, thanks to his inspiring donation, Thomas will be awarded with “an Act of Kindness Award from retired NBA player Derek Anderson’s foundation Stamina at a gala in October.”

Way to go, Thomas!

Photo Credit: Socue Soflien/Facebook