Chloe X Halle Attend Google’s Made With Code Event

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chloe-halle-madewithcodeRising stars Chloe X Halle (who also happen to be Beyonce’s protégés) made an appearance at Google’s Made With Code event, to perform and discuss their love of technology and coding.

The sisters certainly owe a lot to tech and social media, seeing how they were discovered by Queen Bey by way of their Youtube channel, and now the two are delving deeper into the technological world. Google’s Made With Code was launched to “inspire teen girls to see that code can help them pursue their passions” and the event was supported by organizations like Black Girls Rock, the Frederick Douglass Academy, and the Bronx Community Charter School.

After a short performance, the Chloe and Halle both spoke about what the coding movement means to them. “Technology has played such a big part in our lives being young musicians and young girls,” said Halle, according to WWD. “We just want to learn, but also we want to take it into our own hands and do it at our own pace.”

We basically want to replay this day on repeat forever! So much fun #coding with @Chloeandhalle. #Regram

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The girls also touched on their love of social media sites, all of which are powered by code. “I’m on all of those all the time,” Chloe said. “We get to interact with beautiful people and raise awareness for what we truly believe in like racial injustice and gender equality. Without code, we would not be able to raise our voices the way we do, we would not be able to make music the way we do.”

loved seeing @MadewithCode at #GlobalCitizenFestival change is #MadewithCode. get started:

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Chloe has taken such an interest in coding, in fact, that, according to Google, she’s currently in the process of learning coding for web design.

Photo Credit: Chloe X Halle/Instagram