Adorable! Twin Comforts Sister Who Doesn’t Want to Be 1-Minute Younger

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A too-cute video has gone viral that shows twin sisters Ava and Alexis making some realizations about being twins that makes them less-than-happy.

First, little Alexis is hurt when she finds out that her sister Ava is a full minute older than her. After realizing that being identical twins means that they have the same birthday and look alike (and are also “adordable”), their mom asks them which of them is older and that’s when things take a turn. “I wanna be older!” Alexis cries when her mom and sister break the news to her that she’s the younger twin. Luckily, big sis Ava is there to do what older siblings do best- she comforts Alexis in the sweetest way.

Then, just as Alexis comes around, Ava loses it because she realises that her younger sister is taller than her! The two compare size and it turns out the younger twin is slightly (and we mean maybe half an inch, slightly) taller than her sister, which causes Ava to cry, “I want to grow like my sister!”

Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload and watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot