‘Empire’ Stars Yazz and Serayah Cover ‘Seventeen’

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empire-yazz-serayah-seventeen Empire co-stars Serayah and Yazz (aka Bryshere Gray) are Seventeen‘s latest cover stars and they’re keeping it really real with the mag about everything from whether or not they’re dating to struggles they’ve both learned to overcome through the course of their careers.

Yazz, 22, plays the youngest Lyon heir Hakeem in the hit FOX series, while Serayah,21, plays Tiana, one of the Empire’s biggest stars and Hakeem’s ex-girlfriend.

Like many TV couples, the two have had to combat dating rumors since the show began. Although they aren’t dating in real life, Yazz tells the mag that they are good friends. “She’s a cool girl,” Yazz said in his cover interview. “She’s very attractive, but we’re just so much friends, like homies.”

Serayah and Yazz are enjoying their time in the spotlight now, but both say that they had to deal with things like rejection and insecurity along their paths to stardom.”One yes can turn everything around for you and Empire did that for me,” Yazz tells Seventeen. “The struggle makes me appreciate the little things, like just being able to have lunch every day.”

Serayah and her character Tiana are known for rocking big beautiful natural hair, a style that the actress says didn’t always make her feel comfortable.”I hated my hair — it always felt poufy and curly and people would poke it and ask, ‘Why is it so big?’ I started dyeing and cutting it and trying to make it as straight as possible,” she says. “Then I got this role on Empire where I wear my hair big and natural, and I’ve come to realize it’s beautiful.”

To read more of what these two stars had to say, check them out in the December/January issue of Seventeen– in stores everywhere on Tuesday, November 22.

Photo Credit: Serayah/Instagram