Grandma Mistakenly Texts Teen About Thanksgiving Dinner, Invites Him Over Anyway

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viral-thanksgiving-grandma-textA Thanksgiving text message exchange between a young man and his not-grandma is going viral for the best reasons.

The message, which was later posted to Twitter, was an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner, mistakenly sent from Wanda, a grandmother, to 17-year-old Jamal Hinton from Chandler, Arizona. The message began innocently enough, with Wanda inviting who she thought was her grandchild over for Turkey Day at 3pm. Jamal then messaged back “Who is those…”, to which Wanda replied, “Your grandma” (she even used the cute little old lady emoji).

This is where things got good. Read the rest of the exchange for yourself below:

The message has now gone viral, receiving over 180,000 re-tweets and 300,000 likes on Twitter.

Hinton told The Huffington Post that he actually did end up going over to Wanda’s house to meet her and said that she’s just as perfect of a grandma as she seemed via text. “She was really nice!” he told the site. “A very funny, sweet lady.”

He also said that he will be joining Wanda’s family for Thanksgiving and may even bring a pumpkin pie!