Zendaya Launches Her Own Interactive App

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zendaya-the-appZendaya is continuing to expand her brand by letting her fans keep up with her in a whole new way, thanks to her new app.

Simply titled Zendaya: The App, the new app will serve as a window for fans to look inside of the star’s life. Zendaya recently chatted with Teen Vogue about what exactly to expect from the app, which includes “a mix of free and premium (subscriber-only content) that ranges from live streams, behind-the-scenes footage of her life, beauty tutorials, a curated Jump radio station, fan Q&As, and more.”

As far as what inspired her to create the app, Zendaya told the magazine that she “wanted a place where I could make my own content and really be in control of what I create and what comes out from me. I really thought the best way to control that and make pieces that entertain people and show more about myself was through an app because that’s where kids’ heads are at now — it’s all digital, it’s all media, it’s all forward-thinking.”

Zendaya is known for her talent as well as her outspokenness on social justice issues and says that her app will be an extension of herself in that way as well. “I wanted my fans to see the conversations that I have behind-the-scenes when I think things through and talk things through, because there’s a lot of times when even I don’t know what to do and I have to ask people for advice and help,” she says. “How do I deal with this? How do I make a difference? How do I help? I don’t know. Sometimes it’s very hard being an activist because you don’t know where to go; you’re confused yourself. For example, for me, after the election I was like, I don’t know what to do. So really having that thought process and thinking it out with other people [was helpful] — just having thoughtful conversations and trying to get to some answers. I documented [myself] going to [Washington], D.C. and going to the [National Museum of African American History and Culture] that just opened, which was really important.”

Zendaya: The App is now available for iOS users but will expand to Android users soon.

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