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Sandy Hook Promise Releases Chilling New Gun Violence PSA

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sandy-hook-evan-psa A chilling new PSA was released by Sandy Hook Promise, an organization that was started by those that were affected by the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place in 2012.

The nation was shaken to the core after Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary and began open firing, killing a total of 20 children, 6 adults at the school, his mother and finally, himself. Out of that tragedy, Sandy Hook Promise was born. The organization was founded by several family members who suffered the loss of a loved one during the 2012 attack. It’s mission is to “honor all victims of gun violence by turning our tragedy into a moment of transformation by providing programs and practices that protect children and prevent the senseless, tragic loss of life.”

Their newly released PSA focuses on gun violence and being able to recognize the signs that something is wrong in others around you, in hopes that tragedies like school shootings can be stopped before they occur. Set in a high school, the video looks innocent upon first watch (up until the end), but a closer look reveals that the tragic ending could have been avoided.

We aren’t going to give too much away because it would take away from the power of the message. We strongly suggest you take a look at the PSA for yourself with a watchful eye, and see if you can figure out the signs that many (including myself) missed during their first viewing:

Photo Credit: Sandy Hook Promise/Youtube Screenshot