Little Boy’s Adorable Adoption Reaction Goes Viral

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Little Michael Brown received the best Christmas gift ever this year-he was adopted and this holiday became the first one he spent as part of his forever family.

3-year-old Michael has been in foster care with Tara Montgomery and her two daughters since he was 18 months old. Originally, he was supposed to be reunited with his biological mother, but plans fell through and her rights ended up being severed.

Tara admits she wasn’t looking to adopt in the beginning, but after spending time with Michael, her plans slowly began to change. “As a single parent, I was not looking to adopt, just to help kids during transition,” she told Huffington Post. “But that changed with Michael. It felt like he was a part of our family right from the start.”

Montgomery describes her son as “the most loving, smart, funny and happy kiddo” and the whole family is excited about the new addition. Michael’s sister Dezhianna shared the pics from his adoption day that ended up gong viral- at the time of this article’s publication, they’ve received over 57 thousand retweets and 143 thousand favorites.

Michael’s mom is thrilled at the response to her son’s adoption and hopes that the attention will cause others to consider changing a child’s life. “If this can inspire just one person to make a difference in the life of a child, we are happy.”

Photo Credit: Dezhianna Brown/ Twitter