It’s a Girl! ‘Today Show’ Host Hoda Kotb Reveals She Adopted a Baby

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Congratulations to Hoda Kotb! The Today host announced she adopted a baby girl, Haley Joy Kotb.

The TV personality revealed the exciting news during a phone call on the Today Show. “She’s a Valentine’s baby so she’s a little nugget,” Hoda began tearing up as she spoke about her bundle of joy. “She is the love of my life!”

Kotb added that her mother was ecstatic for the arrival of baby Haley, “We’ve been waiting a long time for you,” she said.

Her fellow co-host, including Matt Lauer and Kathie Lee became overjoyed with the news, wishing Kotb and baby Haley all the best.

“This is such fantastic news. This little girl, Haley, is the luckiest girl on the planet,” Lauer said. “You are going to be one of the most fantastic moms I can ever imagine.”

“Hoda, we are thrilled for you, sweetheart,” Gifford added. “You were made to be a mom.”


Following the announcement, Kotb shared the meaning behind her daughters name. According to Today, during the Fourth Hour Hoda explained that she picked the name after Halley’s comet. “It was one of those things. I just picture her sailing through the sky,” she said. Kotb said the baby’s middle name reflects the emotion she brings.

“She brings us joy. She’s got a beautiful way about her,” she said.