Teen Who Rescued 7-Month-Old Baby from Burning House Will be Honored by North Carolina Officials

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A 17-year old teen is receiving high praise after rescuing his 7-month-old cousin from a raging fire in his family member’s home. Jarraine ‘LJ’ Gray of Kinston, North Carolina will be honored by local officials for his heroic actions.

According to WCTI, Gray was sitting outside of the home when his grandmother noticed smoke. Knowing the baby was asleep inside the home, Gray re-entered the burning home wearing nothing but socks and gym shorts. “I ran back to get the baby, he was on my momma’s room, I ran back to get the baby and back through the front door because I couldn’t get out the back,” Gray said to WCTI.

Fire officials stated the blaze was started in the kitchen and was caused by overcooked food on the stove. The home is said to be a total loss due to the severe damage and left 11 members of the family without a home.

“It’s amazing, he didn’t even think about his own life to go save somebody else’s, that was awesome,” said Demetria Gray, mother of ‘LJ’ Gray.

“For him to make that decision, to go into the house was honorable and heroic,” Capt. William Barss of the Kinston Fire Department said to “This young man, with no turnout gear, ran in to save a life. He did his duty as a loved one and a member of his family and saved a life. We are very proud of him.”

Both Gray and his 7-month of cousin were examined by health officials and are said to be doing fine, with no injuries or smoke inhalation.

Gray will be honored for his brave actions at the upcoming town hall meeting. In addition, the family has set up a GoFundMe page to assist them with the devastating loss.

Photo Credit: Screenshot / WCTI