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Celeb Moms Do Their Part to Convey the Importance of Normalizing Breastfeeding

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Whether celeb moms realize it or not, the moves they make – even on social media – are sparking influence among the people who follow them and starting important conversations around them. Sharing breastfeeding pics proves to be no different. Breastfeeding in public is a conversation that must be had since there is still a stigma attached to a woman breastfeeding her child publicly. Other women might feel offended, men might feel disgusted.

As a result, something that’s perfectly natural has to be covered with a blanket, shielded from the rest of the world while they’re taking nutrients. For whatever reason, the public’s comfort level is more important than this significant act, and I simply beg to differ. Apparently, some celebs like Tae Heckard, Blac Chyna, and Gisele agree because they have been pioneering the movement just by sharing real glimpses of what it’s like to be a vessel for your child’s nutrients and it’s dope.

Breastfeeding has long been seen as a private act, even though it’s something that is very natural and is in fact what breasts were created to do. But, since our culture makes breasts so sexualized, it often makes people uncomfortable to see even a hint of a breast that an infant or toddler may be suckling on. Even though there is nothing at all sexual about the nature of what is happening, our society is overstimulated in that regard, and find ways to sexualize the female body whenever it is nude. Thus, the issues with breastfeeding publicly – feeding cloth or no feeding cloth.

Former The Game actress and model Tae Heckard is rebelling against that stigma with a very fitting hashtag: #normalizebreastfeeding. The 36-year-old has a child with NBA baller Brandon Jennings whom she shares photos of on IG. She and her son Deuce (her nickname for him since he is named after his father), can be seen in a handful of photos where he is breastfeeding from her in public places with no shame at all in her game.

……..cuz I’m just a walking bottle/binky. #normalizebreastfeeding

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HEY GURL HEY #normalizebreastfeeding

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Other celeb moms who stand in solidarity with Heckard’s beliefs include Top Chef host and author Padma Lakshmi, supermodel Gisele, and social media personality Blac Chyna who share photos of their most intimate moments with their children, as seen below:

Morning it’s bonding time with mommy!

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This is a shout out to working Moms everywhere!! #TBT

Posted by Padma Lakshmi on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Breastfeeding is how children are able to get the nutrients and sustenance they need as they grow and develop. Breastfeeding is the thing breasts were intended for. Stop sexualizing the things that are made from nature to nurture, start normalizing them instead.

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