14-Year-Old Becomes the Youngest Person to Ever Graduate from Texas Christian University

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This past weekend over 2,000 students walked across the stage at Texas Christian University. However, this year one graduate sticks out from the rest of the crowd. At 14 years old, Carson Huey-You received his diploma, making him the youngest person ever to receive a bachelor’s degree at TCU.

Huey-You first enrolled to TCU at age 10, following his graduation from the Accommodated Learning Academy where he was co-valedictorian. The young prodigy, who finished out his undergraduate chapter with a degree in physics and a minor in math and Chinese, says learning was his favorite part of his college experience.

“Getting to learn new things about things you never thought about, things that you never knew existed, things that you might not even think about thinking about,” he said to the Star-Telegram in answer to what he loved most about college.

According to the Star-Telegram, when the preteen started at TCU, he told people the classes were easy, but his perception quickly changed. “I’ve had to deal with some really hard classes,” said Huey-You, who says he took classes with titles that would fear others and prompt them to go to the internet. He says his three hardest classes were American environmental history, general chemistry II, and classical mechanics.

Seeing a 14-year old graduate college may be astonishing for some. In fact, Huey-You’s mother, Claretta Kimp says, “It does still happen,” in reference to a typical scene that usually involved students asking the young college grad for a picture.

“It is just something I have learned to deal with because, to me, I am not a genius,” Huey-You says to those that believe he is “a celebrity” or a genius. “I am a normal 14-year-old person doing college-level stuff.”

Like any normal 14-year old, Huey-You plays games like chess and checkers and also enjoys “Minecraft”, an adventure video game. As the Star-Telegram reports, Huey-You enjoys reading The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia and adores playing with his dog Klaus, who is named after scientist Klaus von Klitzing – winner of a Nobel Prize in physics.

The 14-year old scholar better make room for his younger brother Cannan, who is following his big brother footsteps and is making headlines for his academic achievements. According to the Star-Telegram, 11- year old Cannan will be graduating from the Accommodated Learning Academy and will attend TCU in the fall. Cannan plans to double major in engineering and another in physics and astronomy.

Photo Credit: Star Telegram/Website