Ron Clark Academy Student Becomes ‘MasterChef Junior’ Champion

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Jasmine Stewart, a student at Atlanta’s renowned Ron Clark Academy, was crowned MasterChef Junior‘s newest champion! The sixth grade chef hailing from Milton, Georgia not only took home the bragging rights and trophy, but also won the $100,000 grand prize!

“This is the biggest moment of my entire life. Who would ever think a little girl from Milton, Georgia would ever win MasterChef Junior?” the jubilant 12-year-old asked.

During the finale of the show, hosted by Gordon Ramsay, British star chef of Hell’s Kitchen and renowned pastry chef, Christina Tosi, Jasmine created a plethora of mouthwatering dishes. Those winning dishes included a molten lava cake, rack of lamb – which Ramsay called “breathtaking”, a lobster tail and coconut curry entrée, and a sticky rum cake with pineapple chips for dessert. YUM! Captivating the hearts of judges Martha Stewart and preeminent chef Wolfgang Puck, the delicious dishes Jasmine created led her to the big win.

“Some of the highlights of the show was winning of course,” Jasmine said to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But I did love it when I got an apron. I never thought I would even make it on the show, let alone be getting an apron and get to wear it.”

During her interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jasmine credited her parents for inspiring her to cook.

“My mom loves to cook Southern food, and kind of homestyle cooking that makes you feel warm inside, and my dad loves to cook a lot of elaborate breakfast foods — things that wake you up in the morning and make you super excited to start the day, like tomato pancakes or homemade French toast or crepes,” Jasmine said. “Another thing is our household is busy, but we can make quick, tasty and good food.”

And what will the young chef do with her huge prize? Well, according to her mother, Deborah Stewart, they plan to save the money for college, although Jasmine said she would like to use some of her winnings on a new car – when she is old enough, of course!

We are definitely excited to see where this young chef will go!

Photo Credit: MasterChef Junior/ Twitter