Viral Video: Little Girl Was Not Here For Snow White’s Shenanigans and Twitter Is Loving It!

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Kaylin just wanted to eat her mac and cheese in peace…

In a video shared by Katrell Hunter, little Kaylin seemed to be enjoying her lunch just fine at the Disney theme park until Snow White came over in an attempt to take a picture. In the 20 second clip, Kaylin isn’t here for Snow White attempting to cheer her up. As a warning to the Disney character, one of the guest at the table said, “She’s pretty somber faced today.” Snow White quickly notices how much Kaylin is not in the mood, as the little one disregards her and turns away with a blank stare.

The video went viral instantly and has received over 7 million views with 50,000 shares and counting. Although it was originally shared on Facebook, the video of Kaylin’s ice cold stare made it to Instagram and of course Twitter… and people are loving it!

Be sure to check out the hilarious video of Kaylin and Twitter’s reaction to the viral video.

Photo Credit: Katrell Hunter/Facebook