Viral Video: Toddler Is Confused About Our New President

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I am sure the 2016 election shocked most of us, and with us a little more than 100 days under a new administration, many of us are still trying to process this new form of politics. But this five-year-old from Houston wasn’t having it.

Recently, a video of little Taylor went viral after she decided to discuss politics with her mother. She asked her mother, looking very puzzled, “Where is Barack Obama?”

Just as she finds out that Obama is no longer president, Taylor continues the conversation about the election.

“He [Donald Trump] won cause a lot of people wanted him to be the president?” she asked.

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The 2016 election was not off the table in this conversation. Taylor’s mother tried her best to explain voting but she also reminded the curious toddler of the original question that sparked the conversation, which was, “Where does the president live?”

After her mother explains that Donald Trump is in the White House, Taylor isn’t happy and says, “But why does he have to live there!” She continued, “Well I don’t want him to be our president anyway.”

According to the Instagram post, her mother says Taylor then asked if she could watch the news with her so she can learn all the things she knows. Well, after watching the video, we can all agree we share the same frustration and confusion little Taylor had. We feel you sis!

Photo Credit: Tabgeezy/Instagram