Ciara Reveals Her Weight Loss Progress After Giving Birth to Baby Sienna + 7 Weight Loss Tips for New Moms

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Ciara has shared her 20 pound weight loss with her followers on Instagram four weeks after giving birth to her daughter Sienna Princess.

The “I Bet” singer shared a photo of her stepping on the scale and shared that she is determined to lose 60 pounds she gained while carrying her daughter. She writes, “I said I wasn’t going to gain 60lbs Carrying Sienna, and… I did exactly that!! … 4 weeks after her birth I lost 20 lbs. This Weeks Goal is 10lbs. I was 183 yesterday. #BounceBack #LevelUp

On April 28, Ciara and husband Russell Wilson welcomed their daughter Sienna Princess Wilson. Although the couple hasn’t shared any photos of their bundle of joy, they did share several posts documenting their excitement for the arrival of the little princess. Back in 2016, on the songstress’s birthday, both Ciara and hubby Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, announced they were expecting their first child together.

This isn’t the first time Ciara showed off how strong her snapback game was. After giving birth to her son, Future Zahir, with rapper Future three years ago, Ciara shared with People that she gained 60 pounds while pregnant with baby Future. But, she also stated that her willingness to snap back made her fit.

“After delivering my son, a 9-lb. 10-oz. baby, and gaining 60 lbs., I was committed to [returning] to how I felt before I had him. Four months after having him, I was back to my original shape,” she shared with People. “There’s something very empowering about that. Something about that gave me an extra pep in my step, and motivated me even more to go harder.”

Many mothers struggle with losing weight after giving birth, and some believe that many celeb mothers only lose weight because they can afford top of the line trainers and dietitians. Although that may be true, it can be easy for the “everyday mom” to lose the baby weight and get the prepregnancy body back!

According to FitPregnancy, there are several easy steps new moms can use to lose weight after pregnancy:

  1. Get Up and Move – Though most moms are sleep-deprived and busy with their bundle of joy, there are ways new moms can get a simple workout in. FitPregnancy reports, postpartum-fitness expert Renee M. Jefferys M.S. says most women’s bodies aren’t ready for exercise until six weeks after birth. Jefferys suggests a simple walk around the block to get things started and after the six-week checkup to complete 20 to 30 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 times a week.

  2. Breastfeeding – Did you know breastfeeding can burn 600 to 800 calories a day? So, even while you’re feeding your child you can be losing weight as well.

  3. Lift Weights – Jefferys suggests incorporating the child during the workout routine. “Hold the baby to your chest and do lunges, say, or do lunges behind the stroller as you walk. Or lie on your back, holding the baby above your chest, and slowly press her up toward the ceiling several times.”

  4. Watch Those Calories – Simply saying no to soda and sweets can do miracles! Tammy Baker, M.S., R.D., a Phoenix-based dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, told FitPregnancy just adding lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, along with plenty of low-fat dairy products to a diet can jumpstart the weight loss process. Along with a healthy diet, Bakers says, “Eating small, frequent meals throughout the day will keep your blood- sugar levels steady and help prevent you from overeating. Keep in mind that if your calories are distributed throughout the day, they’re metabolized more efficiently and are less likely to be stored as fat.”

  5. Naps Are Key – Yes, having a newborn waking you up at all hours of the night will make you tired, but getting rest is essential to a healthy weight loss. Sheah Rarback, M.S., R.D., director of nutrition at the Mailman Center for Child Development at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine says getting sleep has been shown to aid weight loss because you may be less likely to snack on foods loaded with sugar and fat for energy.

  6. Eat Healthy Snack – Snacking on high-fiber snacks like raisins, figs, vegetables, or whole wheat crackers can fill any new mom up and fuel them with energy needed to tackle the day.

  7. Team Up With Other Moms – Getting together with other moms to work out can not only help with weight loss, but also allows new moms to share friendly conversations with other moms.

Shout out to CiCi and all news moms whose #BounceBack game is strong!

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