Black Hollywood Sets Out for the ‘Cars 3’ Premiere

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To celebrate the release of the third installment of the Cars franchise, stars of the Disney/Pixar film, including Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lewis and Isiah Whitlock Jr., attended the world premiere on Saturday (June 10) at the Anaheim Convention Center. Other stars walked the red carpet to support the new film including singer Andra Day, Black-ish star Marsai Martin, and retired NFL player Reggie Miller.

Cars 3 continues the story of Lightning McQueen who is suddenly pushed out of the sport that he loves by a new generation of newer and faster racers. To get back in the game, McQueen will need the help of an enthusiastic young race technician with a plan to win. In turn, McQueen mentors his trainer and passes on his knowledge – making for a film that can be enjoyed by people all ages.

“God knows we need a lot of feel-good today. There’s so much horrible going on in the administration. It’s so ridiculous. It’s absurd. It’s so absurd, it’s nightmarish. All the marches and the programs and the work we’ve done and social services, the feminist movement, the gay movement, the civil rights movements — everything we have fought for is being threatened,” Lewis said about the uplifting installment in the franchise. “It’s unbelievable that somebody this out of control could be elected, someone with this much rage, this sociopath and con artist. But you hold onto hope, you hold onto ‘Yes I Can,’ just like Flo does.”

The film features a star studded cast, including Cristela Alonzo (The Angry Birds Movie), Lewis Hamilton (Cars 2), Jenifer Lewis (Black-ish), Cheech Marin (Machete), Kerry Washington (Django Unchained), and Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Cars 3 is set to hit theaters Friday, June 16. If you can’t wait until then – be sure to check out the trailer below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images for Disney