This 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur is Bringing Her Black Girl Magic to Her Very Own Line of Bath Products

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Jelani Jones might only be nine years old, but she is turning her black girl magic into skills that pay the bills. The Fredericksburg, Virginia native is an entrepreneur in her own right these days, thanks in part to her line of bath products, Lani Boo Bath.

For Jelani, the dream began while she was taking a trip to the farmers market one day. While there, a vendor at the local market asked young Jelani if she wanted to take a class in DIY bath products. Talk of the class piqued her interest and Jelani asked her mom if she could take her.

The class was the spark that ignited the flame for the budding entrepreneur in the making. “After we left my first class, I talked about a business and my mom asked what I would call my business and I said Lani Boo Bath,” Jelani said to Atlanta Black Star.

Lani Boo Bath stemmed from “Lani Boo,” a nickname that Jelani’s grandmother had given her.

The conversation seemed to be just that, a conversation – to Jelani’s mother at least. But Jelani was adamant about making Lani Boo Bath a real thing. Not too long after her first inquiry, she asked her parents if they could provide her with start-up funds for her business.

Building on that, she utilized the power of social media.

It wasn’t long before people went from just liking her posts to actually placing orders for bath products of their own. The business started off with a mostly local customer base, but as word-of-mouth spread, it went from members of her family, to neighbors, and eventually to her church.

After that, products started to be bought and shipped to places around the country.

“The community has been amazing! People always say how proud they are of me and how I am inspiring them and how they are considering their children’s ideas more,” Jelani told the publication. “People in my community have reached out to buy from me because they know I am a young person and that means a lot to me.”

It was just a dream. And now it’s a reality.

If you want to try some Lani Boo Bath products for yourself, visit Jelani’s Etsy shop here. Her bath bombs look bomb!

Photo Credit: Mike Morones/Atlanta Black Star

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