6th Grader Collects 500 Cases of Water for Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

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Weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged through the Caribbean islands, many residents in Puerto Rico are still without power, food, and most importantly, clean water – being forced to bathe in streams contaminated with raw sewage and collect drinking water from condemned wells. Now, an altruistic elementary school student from Maryland is doing what she can to help the people affected by the hurricane.

Dashai Morton, a sixth grader from North Forestville Elementary School in Maryland, recently celebrated her 12th birthday and when asked about what she wanted for her birthday – she said she wanted to collect 500 cases of water for the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

“She wanted nothing else. Nothing else. No party, no nothing. This is what she wanted,” Dashai’s grandmother, Tanya Morton said to WJLA.

Within two weeks, Dashai launched Project Give Back and was able to collect 460 cases of water – with the help from her mother, grandmother, and school. To reach her goal of 500, the young teen used her birthday money to purchase the remaining cases. In addition to the water, Dashai is also collecting non-perishable food, baby formula, toiletries, and blankets.

“One of the things that we tell the students here at North Forestville is that one person can make a difference and we see that in her,” said Debra Evans, assistant principle of Dashai’s school.

According to WJLA, the school says they are talking to the Red Cross to plan how they will transport the generous donation to Puerto Rico.

“It makes me happy because I can help other people who don’t have what I have,” Dashai said.

Photo Credit: Screengrab/WJLA