Illinois Math Teacher Remixes “Bodak Yellow” to Help Students

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A math teacher in Illinois went viral after using Cardi B’s platinum-selling hit “Bodak Yellow” to help her students learn math and motivate them.

Cassie Crim, who teaches advanced algebra and geometry at Joliet West High School, used her rapping skills and the help of a college friend to produce a video of herself spitting about math and her goals to help her students succeed. Titled “Codak Yellow,” Crim raps, “You in school, gotta learn, I’m there—I get paid a fee, I be in and out of school so much, I know they tired of me.”

“I really just try to connect what I do in my class room as a teacher with things they enjoy,” Crim said to Chicago’s local ABC affilate, WLS.

“I was able to speak their language to break down some of those barriers because I know a lot of my students in math, they struggle and they hate it.”

Crim spoke about the impact the video had on students – and by the looks of it, her video really worked! “I literally had a student tell me the next day, ‘You know what Ms.? I don’t like math but you doing this video that just inspired me to work even harder,’” she said.

Not long after posting, the video of Crim rapping over the popular song went viral and received over 60,000 views on Facebook and over 13,000 on YouTube with more rolling in. It’s safe to say that we need more teachers invested into their students like Cassie Crim!

Be sure to check out “Codak Yellow” below

Photo Credit: Cassie Crim/ Youtube