New York City Woman Dubbed ‘Cornerstore Caroline’ After Falsely Accusing a 9-Year-Old Boy of Sexual Assault

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Permit Patty… BBQ Betty and now meet Cornerstore Caroline! Footage of a New York City women accusing a 9-year-old boy of sexual assault has gone viral, becoming another prime example of excessive 911 calls made against people of color and racial profiling.

53-year-old Teresa Klein has been dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” after the video of her calling the police on Jeremiah Harvey was posted on Facebook. The video has gained national attention, being viewed over 8 million times and shared with over 100,000 people on Facebook.

In the video, Klein in seen arguing with Jeremiah’s mother – Someko Bellille –after wrongly accusing the child of sexual assault. Jeremiah, who is black, is heard crying in the background as his mother argues with Cornerstore Caroline as she’s attempting to contact the police.

“I want the cops here right now,” Klein yelled. “I was sexually assaulted by a child!”

Days after the incident, Klein returned to the Brooklyn convenience store and viewed the surveillance video which clearly shows Jeremiah’s backpack grazing her backside. Klein, who was met by outraged neighbors and media, apologized – simply saying “young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry.”

During an interview with Good Morning America, 9-year-old Jeremiah and his mother explained that the incident will be difficult to overcome. “This is going to take some time. It’s going to take a lot of healing,” Bellille said.

Although the situation was traumatizing for the young boy, Jeremiah says he forgives Klein and plans to overcome the incident with love.

“Friendship is the key,” he said. “It changed my whole mind of accepting the apology that she gave me,”

Photo Credit: Facebook/ John Littlefoot