Sony Pictures Releases a Must-Watch Short Film ‘Hair Love’

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Spoiler Alert! Grab some tissues!

Sony Pictures Animation has finally released the heartwarming and reminiscent short film Hair Love, that centers on a Black father doing his daughters hair for the first time – highlighting the bond created during these moments.

Written by former NFL wide receiver Matthew A. Cherry, the six- minute animated film centers on an adorable father daughter duo, Stephen and Zuri, as they get ready for an event. However, It’s Stevens first time attempting to so his precious daughter’s hair and is a bit overwhelmed. Starring Emmy Nominated actress Issa Rae, the film shows the expression of love that goes into doing hair and the memories that can be created. (Yes even with the tears that may come with it.)

During an interview with Because Of Them We Can, Cherry explained that his inspiration came from viral videos of Black fathers doing their daughters hair. After seeing the spark it created, Cherry wanted to celebrate the fathers who do their daughters hair.

“One thing I will say is there is authenticity in specificity,” Cherry said. “And being a Black man myself and knowing little girls who don’t feel represented in a lot of these projects, it was important for me to have it be an African American daughter and father,”

Originally  released as an opener for Angry Birds 2, The project  started as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2017. The goal was set at $75,000 but eventually raised almost $300,000. After its gain in popularity, the campaign attracted filmmakers Everett Downing Jr. and Bruce Smith. Along with the film, Hair Love has a children’s picture book, illustrated by New York Times bestselling author Vashti Harrison.

“Through this project, it is my hope that we can show a positive image of black fathers and their daughters, while encouraging natural hair and self-love throughout the world through the animated space.” Cherry says.

Check out Hair Love below!

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Animation/Youtube