About Us

MommyBrown.com is the crystallization of a dream by a mom who wanted to connect with other moms on a socio-cultural level.

Back Story
The founders of MommyBrown grew up in a relatively small town where family bonds were close and people knew each other by ‘family clans’ — meaning only by their last names…a distinction that linked multiple generations of family members.  Each family had their own nuances where all members were a part of a larger village where people looked out for one another.  Neighbors cheered each other’s successes and would lend a caring hand in times of need.  Entire neighborhoods knew virtually all of the children contained therein and almost everyone had a true interest in their moral, spiritual, and success….even throughout life.

Cultural influencers had a tremendous impact on who they had become as adults and they looked back at the teachings that not only their family gave them but also experiences picked up from their immediate communities.

Unfortunately, those times are gone for many people as new generations of parents are more mobile and typically seek out job opportunities that may not be in their own cities.  This creates a ‘scatter effect’ of people having much smaller intimate social circles and not having the same support and reference systems for their children.

After having her first child, our main founder found herself sharing stories with her husband about growing up and wanting the same socio-cultural experiences for her children.  She also wanted the same social support system of advice and conversations where culture many times played a role in parental and family decisions.

The wife, a stay at home mom who left her career in marketing to raise her child, mentioned the idea of a social network to her husband, also a marketing/advertising executive, who thought it was a fabulous idea.  The husband cites: “I knew that she was unhappy with general social networking sites.  She didn’t really care to seek parenting advice in social circles based on who you went to high school or college with or who you worked with in the past…it was useless for her as a new mom and it wasn’t information that she necessarily wanted to share to those types of people.  Additionally, she felt sort of ‘lost’ on some of the general parenting networks out there because the cultural connection component that she was looking for was very diluted”.  The couple fleshed out the premise of the site for months and formed a solid strategy.  He helped her to obtain funding from solid investors and brought the idea to life.  Thus MommyBrown.com was born!

In the site’s first month, nearly 1000 households signed up…an affirmation that many other moms yearned for the same environment.

Mommybrown’s mission is to be the definitive source for moms with children of color (of all ages) to have a high quality place to connect and share stories for the benefit of themselves and their children.

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