What is MommyBrown.com?
MommyBrown.com is a social network built especially for moms who live in multicultural households

Is MommyBrown.com just for African American moms?
No, not at all.   Our goal is to unite moms regardless of their ethnicity along the cultural/ethnic similarities of their children because we feel that is a big unique identifier where moms do come together on different personal issues.  We have moms of all different backgrounds from all over the country who are part of our website.

Why do we need a site like this?
Through a lot of research (formal and informal) we’ve found that moms do connect on many areas that are universal no matter what your background is…..identifiers such as the concern about education, nutrition, fashion, and childcare are all examples (and we cover all of this).  MommyBrown.com exists because we’re connecting moms that have a dual special interest to come together and network along the cultural/ethnic aspects of their children.  Dozens of topics that fall under this umbrella would be highly diluted on a general moms site.  Thousands of conversations took place on the website even in the first month of our launch…a testament that a site like this (done right) was long overdue.

Is MommyBrown.com free to join?
Yes, a general membership is free of charge.

I may not know anyone here…how do I make friends?
Our community is based on creating connections based on the aspects of motherhood and your interests specifically in that area.  The most popular social networks are based on who you went to school with, worked with, or even passed by at some point in life….these are largely not all of the same people that you want to connect with on a parenting level outside of sharing a few pictures.

We have a fabulous and friendly community of moms who will welcome you with open arms (plus you can always invite your friends with similar interests to come along as well).

Who owns MommyBrown.com?
See our About Us section to see the story of MommyBrown.com

Can men join MommyBrown.com?
MommyBrown.com is a social experience optimized for women.  Therefore we are only excepting women members as the core theme of our site is ‘moms connecting with other moms as moms’.  Men are welcome to read any number of the limited content that is accessible publicly.

How Can I Contact MommyBrown.com
There is a contact us link at the bottom of the page.  We typically answer to emails within 1 business day max (weekends and holidays not included).

Does MommyBrown.com have a mobile site?
Yes, we offer a version of our site that is ‘responsive’ to cell phone browsers and other handheld devices and allows access to the bulk of our community features.